Welcome to Flowers for a Ghost, my graphic and personal site, which is part of domain Delicate Flower. Here you can find my graphic such as icons, wallpapers, retouches and other stuff. Fanart is mostly featuring TV Shows I watch such as Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who etc. Everything in here is made by me so if you use something please write the source. This site looks best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and I can not asure you that it will work properly in other browsers. This is layout number 6 featuring Snow White & Huntsman from TV show Once Upon a Time. I hope you like it in here and will come back soon!




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Layout at Flowers for a ghost is @Nymi, coded @SunnyWill. This is just a fansite and I claim no ownership of any of the images used to make my fanart. If you own any of the images used on this site and would like me to remove the piece where was it used just send me an e-mail and I will remove it promptly.

SK Ak chceš spriateliť so stránkou Flowers for a Ghost tak mi stačí napísať na e-mail nymi_ka@yahoo.com tvoje meno a web/blog, pri čom do predmetu napíšeš Affiliation, alebo mi jednoducho napíš do tagboardu. Rada spriatelím s každým, ale vymedzujem si právo na to odmietnuť spriatelenie zo stránkami podľa vlastného uváženia.
EN If you want to affiliate with site Flowers for a ghost you just have to send an e-mail to nymi_ka@yahoo.com with your name (nickname) and link to your site, while you write Affiliation in to the subject of the mail, or just simply write into my tagboard. I will be happy to affiliate with anybody, but I determine my right to not affiliate with sites I will find inappropriate.